Chain Gang EP

by Bluesbreaker

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released July 9, 2011



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Bluesbreaker Киев, Ukraine

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Track Name: No Regrets
If I'll be able to
Erase mistakes of mine
To change the things I've done before
To live the better ones

There's nothing I'd fix up
Cos' I have no regrets
And every pain I've felt before
Made me to try my best

Much troubles are in my mind
And lots of harm were done
Cos' there's no lucky star
And I must go on my own

True colors that won't run
And spirit's always high
The only things that help
To live a better life

No matter what they say - we got the attitude
To face the every trouble
To break all the loose

I got no regrets
Track Name: The Habitat
The walls I've built long time ago
Now look like deadly strong
And now there's only place remain
For me to call my own

These doors had been locked by bunch of keys
I'm holding them in hands
I gonna throw them out
Into the waves

I'm keep looking on this life through looking glass
Looks like a race of wannabe the best
To win it you'd better burn your face
And fill your empty soul with pile of waste

Trying to dust my eyes with all this shit?
You'd better stop
Because the treasures that I have
They can't be bought or sold

No matter what will you say
I will stay cold
Because I gonna stay alive within this walls
Track Name: Break The Blues
How many times I need to turn me
Inside out
Just to protect the light I hide within?
Have I been dropped
In this cold world to realize
That I will never win?

The hurricane of days that pass me by
Keep growing stronger and annihilate my will
There is no chance for me to see clear sky
There is no place where I can chill
Until I'll break free

So I'll knock every door
I'll hit every road
To break this fuckin' doom
To tear away my mold

Whatever I may do
The only way I see
I need to break this blues
Before it will break me

Break the blues
The only way I see
Break the blues
Break the blues
Before it will break me

Break the blues
The only way I see
Break the blues
Break the blues
Before it will break me
Track Name: Chain Gang
Caught for the crimes I've never done
I'm living days like chain gang son
The only destiny that lays upwards
Is to fall apart beneath this sun

Kept by shackles of steel
I'm totally loosing my will
My faith in new better days
Fades with every blink of an eye

My mind still will to break free
But every thought of escape
Reflects in my exhausted head
With sound of Remington's shot

I can't carry this burden for any longer
But with each and every day
My bonds grow stronger

Just face to face with this disparity
And neither life or death appeals to me